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Delta Energy Consultants is a full-service petroleum engineering firm that offers quality drilling, completion, production and construction services, including site supervision and project management.

You Name It. We Can Do it.

Not only do we work with a wide array of small-large operators onshore & offshore, our professional supervisors are vetted, placed and managed by engineers.


As a full-service petroleum engineering firm, our professionals are equipped and ready to perform any service you need. Whether you need on-site or off-site supervisors or drilling, completion & workover engineers, we can handle any scope of work, saving you time and money in the long-run.

Construction, Production

& Operating Services


Drilling, Completion

& Workover Services


Other Engineering


Location Staking

Facility Start-Up Construction Services Property Management

Gauging Services

And More...

On-Site/Off-Site Supervision

Custom Well Design

Permitting, Drilling & Completion Programs

Custom Well Design

And More...


Minerals Management

Contractor Management & Coordination

HSE Consultation

And More...

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Quality Work.

We at Delta believe in quality work over quantity of jobs.

With a successful track record and 10+ years of hands-on field experience, we get the job done efficiently & effectively.

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Whether you are a current customer or looking for more information about what Delta can offer your operation, we would like to hear from you.